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With no-one to brainstorm your ideas with?


What they're saying about my sessions (so far)...

"Shelley has helped me so much gaining clarity around my business ideas and plans. Having someone to bounce ideas off who can listen objectively & then help to reorganise these ideas in a more structured and clear way is something I couldn't recommend highly enough to anyone who is feeling a little unsure or unclear in their business.

It is literally like having a friend tip your handbag upside down, clean it up and put everything back in so you know EXACTLY where to find it! Plus it doesn't hurt that she is a barrel of fun and positive energy to work with! xxx"

Jane Holland - Yoga | Retreats | Nutrition (Byron Bay)

Are you bumbling along with the running of your business with no real forward planning?

Nothing proactive, just completely reactive to situations as they arise?

Are you a bit stuck or stale in your biz & not really sure what your options are?

Are you struggling to actually be producing an income in your business right now...?

Or perhaps you're not quite sure what direction to take next in your business...?

Or are you just completely overwhelmed with everything that you have to do and you need some real tools to start implementing to make your life and running your biz a whole lot easier...?

I specialise in delving into who you are and what you have to offer and helping you come up with some income generating ideas and plans that you can get to work on making happen straight away!

I love sessions where you allow me to delve right into what's going on for your in your business right now so that I can help set a clear path for you to follow and give you some tools to help you with any challenged that you currently have on your plate.

If you're a little (or a lot) lost then I would love to help you!

"I was feeling overwhelmed as I had an idea of what needed to be done but no idea how to do it or even where to start! I had so many different projects happening at the same time that I was unable to focus on what I needed to do and was failing to perform.

My sessions with Shelley were great, I felt very comfortable & more importantly understood. Shelley is a great listener & the strategies she gave me where practical & easy to implement."

Jomana, Purple Robe Productions (Melbourne)

If you like what you see here & think I would be the right fit for your business then book a FREE 15 minute session with me. I'd love to hear about what is going on in your biz right now & how I can help you through it!

If you decided from there that you'd like to work together I have a range of options to suit where you are in your business & what your budget is so let's chat & go from there!

YES! I need a marketing session!
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