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Social Media or Anti-Social Media.... will the real purpose of Facebook please stand up....

Hello hello and thanks for stepping out of your mindless scrolling vortex to take a read!

I'm sure you've missed me as much as I've missed you :)

I'm back as of now from an utterly delightful 2 & a bit weeks off FaceBook! My oh my am I pleased with myself!

On the 9th of Sept I took myself off to a Yoga retreat in the Byron Hinterlands (another post to come on this one - holy shit, it was EXACTLY what my soul needed! Check out the site here YOGAFARI) and loved the fact that when I drove in the driveway I lost contact through my mobile from the outside world, how wonderful. I chucked my phone in my bag where it stayed pretty much all weekend. What a treat to spend a whole weekend without a phone! Highly recommend it at least once a quarter....

To be really honest in the week before the retreat I lost my plot. Fell off my world totally & for some reason needed to drop into a big pond of self misery, grief, guilt, over eating, not giving a shit, tonsilitis, self loathe, etc etc, you get the pic, I like to call it "Fuckoffsville", I just seemed to involuntarily move in there for a few weeks.

Thankfully the Universe didn't think I was quite suited to that lifestyle & I've since moved back into the world of "EverythingIsAmazingness" & I'm excited about my future. I'm glad I went through what I did those few weeks but I'm so fucking glad I don't live there. I'm not sure what your "Fuckoffsville" is like but mine was a really shitty dark place. And I don't have space for that in my life!

So I've basically just rolled with the no facey thing for over 2 weeks now but really, who am I kidding, I miss seeing what's going on, I need it for my work & the only really issue I have with it is how I use it! No more getting stuck in the mindless scrolling vortex!

I'm sure you all know what I mean when I say that.... Oh I'll just check facey for 5 minutes so you scroll scroll scroll and nekminute you look up & 3 days has passed by... what the actual fuck?!?! Well it may have only been 45 mins but still - what a waste of our precious time!

Tick tick - I don't have time for that shiz anymore! I'm banning myself from the mindless scrolling vortex starting right now.

I've decided that if I'm going to use facey then I'm making facey my bitch & not the other way around...

So I'm sure you're all gagging to know what I've learned not being on facey...?

  1. I was completely ADDICTED to the mindless scrolling vortex & sometimes wasted hours a day doing it - what the actual fuck?!?!

  2. I've regained my mornings & productivity - YAY! No more laying in bed for 20 mins in the vortext scrolling! I'm up & out the door at 6.30am - go me.

  3. Let the notifications do their thing! They are there for a purpose! If I need to see it then I'll be tagged, sorted.

  4. My friends are so sweet! I had so many beautiful messages & calls from people checking in to see if I'm ok, thank you, I so appreciate each & every one of you 🙏🏼

  5. The all important being present in MY NOW MOMENT, not someone else's now moment. This is a biggie. Practice it, your soul will freaking LOVE you for it.

So I'm back & ready to rock right into sharing my life again because apparently I inspire quite a few people & I really love that so thank you to everyone who got in touch with me letting me know that they miss my posts! You guys rock.

I've got some super exciting WORKshops planned for the Byron & Goldy area, just launched today so if you're a biz owner local to me then drop me a line or even check out my website & the events I've put together for the rest of the year.

If you've come this far & you're still reading then thanks, that is so cool! I hope your Monday has been a fucking fabulous start to your fucking fabulous week!

Stay amazing!

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