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Do you currently have a Wix website but need some coaching on how to use it properly & make full use of all the amazing features it comes with?


Come along and learn how to properly edit your Wix website in just a few hours. Learn how to edit general content (text/images), add new pages, set up shop pages, email marketing, gift cards and many other special features that the wix platform offers!


And if your site is not yet live I will show you how to purchase a domain (if you don't already have one) and connect the website you've created to your domain.


You'll leave this 3 hour masterclass with the skills to know how to edit the site yourself (including how to add additional pages etc) so you can save money ongoing by maintaining the website yourself!

Website Editing WORKshop

  • You will need to bring your laptop obviously so you can work on it! You can also bring a notepad and pen if you like to take notes.


    Please bring a list of the items you'd like to learn how to do on your website - things like: how to edit images/text, set up your online store/services, create discount coupons, create & send email marketing etc.

    Following on from the above list, please bring all content you would like to add to your site: text/images, all info if wanting to set up an online store etc.

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