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Senior Businesswoman


You don't have to be! Business therapy sessions are a great investment!

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Shelley has helped me so much gaining clarity around my business ideas and plans.


Having someone to bounce ideas off who can listen objectively and then help to reorganise these ideas in a more structured and clear way is something I couldn't recommend highly enough to anyone who is feeling a little unsure or unclear in their new business.

It is literally like having a friend tip your handbag upside down, clean it up and put everything back in so you know EXACTLY where to find it!


Plus it doesn't hurt that she is a barrel of fun and positive energy to work with!"

- Jane, Australia


I call it therapy because let's be honest, if you're in business for yourself you need a business therapist - am I right?!?

These therapy session are all about you and your business. Quite often we are speaking to the wrong people for advice on our businesses or people who don't have the relative experience to guide you the right way. I'm here to help educate you to be the best YOU in your business with the experience I have in Business and Marketing.

So if you are feeling a little (or a lot!) lost in the direction of your business....

Or you know you've got a product or service that will do really well however you're just lacking some fundamental knowledge of how to bring it to life and/or be successful in your business...

Or you just need some help to be more organised and across everything that you need to be doing in your business, I can help.

In our sessions we cover whatever challenges you're facing, brainstorm marketing strategies or simply help you get out of the fog and set a clear path of ACTION items to get you firing and on the right path.

And I can help with all sorts of cool stuff about how to market your business, I love to brainstorm all things marketing, plus I have an incredible network of people to outsource specific tasks to in order to help make your business a success!

Plus, you're INVESTING into your biz so you can learn how to free up your time for those INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES which will increase your profit - the incredible biz tools you'll get along the way & connection you'll feel with someone who understands your biz are a bonus!

My Therapy Sessions are a great STEP 1 in understanding yourself in your business, understanding your business & understanding the customers you're looking to ATTRACT into your business.


In our therapy sessions we can brainstorm things like:

- Your Ideal Client, who they are, where to find them, what to say to them when you do find them, how to attract them to find you and so much more!

- The MESSAGE - MARKET - MEDIUM formula. Without a strong marketing message to the right market by the right medium your business won't be as successful as it possibly could be!

- Social Media Strategy and Organisation, it doesn't have to be overwhelming! I'm all about 90% planning and 10% execution and when you've got a clear plan on what your social content is it means you can batch schedule posts and not have to give it your valuable headspace everyday!

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