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You’re running a business & it's time to get your marketing shit together isn't it...?

Does the thought of doing your own marketing fill you with dread…?

Or when you try to do it do you turn into crazy lady above...?


Do you get stuck in overwhelm (aka Perfection Paralysis!) when you start thinking about all the things you should / could be doing to market your business…?


Do you know how to market your business but also know that your time is worth more focusing on other aspects of your business (eg. INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES)…?


Or does just trying to do the most simple tasks make you want to tear your hair out...?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions then I might just be the person you're looking for.

I'm Shelley & I'm an INTUITIVE Green Brain Marketing Specialist & I'm here to help you make sense of marketing your business & help you understand how to ATTRACT your ideal clients.

I specialise in HELPING business owners just like you get their marketing (& business in general!) shit together. I understand the pain you have with marketing your own business &  read more >

"Working with Shelley was an absolute breeze!


I knew straight away I could let go and trust that Shelley would create exactly the website I needed and sure enough, less than a week later that's exactly what happened!


She 'sees' what you need and trusts her intuition in a way that makes you feel completely safe - she has the ability to then conceptualise this and create an amazing product that in my case, represents me better than anything I could have envisioned.


Shelley has also helped me so much gaining clarity around my business ideas and plans. Having someone to bounce ideas off who can listen objectively and then help to reorganise these ideas in a more structured and clear way is something I couldn't recommend highly enough to anyone who is feeling a little unsure or unclear in their new business.


It is literally like having a friend tip your handbag upside down, clean it up and put everything back in so you know EXACTLY where to find it! Plus it doesn't hurt that she is a barrel of fun and positive energy to work with! xxx" - Jane Holland, Australia



"Shelley is very intuitive, and uses her skills to interpret what it is you are looking for and then delivers something more beautiful thank you could have hoped for. Thanks so much Shelley." - Bella, Australia

woman yelling at computer.jpeg

Sick of feeling like this when trying to know how to market your business?

"Before I spoke to Shelley I was feeling so overwhelmed by posting to socials daily...

Shelley really helped me come up with a plan to reduce the time I spent on socials with a consistent plan for what content to share, how to efficiently create that content and post it.


She broke everything down in a way that made sense to me and is sooo easy to follow.

After I spoke to her i felt so ready to get started! I actually said "ok bye, i have to go get started on this right now!"


And now I'm so excited to get started with reels and posting because I have a great plan on how to be organised with my content and isn't going to involve posting everyday!


It will save me so much time and headspace! And I'm sure generate so much more interest in our business. Our Therapy Session was so motivating! I can't wait for our next session!!


Thank you Shelley." - Sarah, Australia

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