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It's time to talk to a business therapist!


Let's really dive into you & yourself in your business & devise a detailed plan of action to move forward to success in your business!

"Hour Of Power" sessions

Single session - $99

x3 session package - $249

x5 session package - $395

Specific 30 minute "Solve It" sessions

Single session - $60

x3 session package - $150

x5 session package - $240


All sessions include a 15 minute "Did you get it done?" accountability call!

Prices are in the currency of your country of nationality.


If you're a Mexican national (or a long term Mexican resident) please contact me for pricing as your pricing is different!


If it's the right time for you to work with me one on one please contact me to chat! (limited spaces available)

I call it therapy because let's be honest, if you're in business for yourself you need a business therapist - am I right?!?

Are you feeling a little (or a lot!) lost in the direction of your business?

Do you know that you've got a product or service that will do really well however you're just lacking some fundamental knowledge of how to bring it to life and/or be successful in your business?

I'm passionate about EDUCATING you to be the best YOU in your business!

In our sessions we cover whatever challenges you're facing, brainstorm marketing strategies or simply help you get out of the fog and set a clear path of UNADULTERATED ACTION items to get you firing in your biz.

My Business & Marketing Therapy really is STEP 1 in understanding yourself in your business, understanding your business & understanding the customers you're looking to ATTRACT into your business.

Business Therapy - Are you running a biz and know you're lacking simple systems & procedures behind the scenes? Take your head out of the sand! Let's get you organised & ready to move forwards with ease.


Engaging me to help you workshop & implement structure in your business will help you leaps & bounds in the your business productivity!

Marketing Therapy - Without a strong Marketing message in your business, failure is imminent!


In our therapy sessions we'll brainstorm who your ideal client is, where to find them, what to say to them when you do find them, how to attract them to find you and so much more!


It's time to get serious about your marketing, in this day and age business is so competitive and it's time to STAND OUT from the crowd

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