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Working at home


I'd love to hear about you and your business and see if I can help

Fill in your details here, I'll be in touch once I receive your details and make an appointment for us to chat.

Ready to take advantage of the special pricing?


And you're ready to get started...?! Great, let's do it!

If you're not ready to commit to booking your work and paying a deposit then this page isn't for you, please get in touch with me again when you are ready to get started.

If you are ready to commit to booking your work and paying a deposit to schedule your work on my calendar then please read on!

My approximate turnaround time (from date your job is booked in my calendar): logo design 3-5 days, print design 3-5 days, websites 2-3 weeks (Please note - if having logo design done this will need to be completed & approved before I can start any other work)

Ok so you're ready to get going and want to know what to do?

Simply fill in this form with what you'd like me help with and submit!

Once I receive your email I will get in touch with you about your project and we will go from there.

I don't need anything from you until I'm ready to start your work however it would be ideal if you began gathering all of your content (if it's a website) so there's no hold up on your end once I'm ready to start on your work.

I look forward to bringing your project to life!




Please note - I use the WIX platform and it's amazing! The pricing shown do not include the Wix subscription, price varies slightly depending on the country you are in, see info below.

My terms: Design work is 100% up front payment before I start your project. Websites are 50% deposit to book you your work and be scheduled in my calendar then the remainder of the 50% when I start your work (so I require full payment prior to beginning your work).

WIX - the website platform

I build my websites on the WIX platform which looks great, is super user friendly and inexpensive.


I have worked with WordPress and used Squarespace for years as it was quite superior (but with a superior cost) & now WIX is as superior without the superior cost!


The cost of the yearly subscription will depend on which country you're in, Google WIX and see the cost of the monthly, yearly, bi-yearly subscriptions.

WIX also often offers 50% off subscriptions (however they are not always guaranteed) so when I see this I'll send to you to take advantage of!

The subscription charge for your WIX website is not included in my cost, it's seperate and additional and the billing will need to be set up by you once I start your project and invite you as a contributor, it's very easy to set up.


I will set your site up for you, add you as a contributor of the site and you will go in and set up the billing with your credit card details.

Once the site is ready to go live I will also help you publish it to your domain. If you don't have a domain name I buy all my domains with Crazy Domains so I would suggest them.



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What work would you like my help with?

Thanks for getting in touch, I can't wait to chat with you!​I will get back to you soon to set up a day that we can chat.

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