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Love what you see and want to work with me...?

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So we've connected and had our coaching session, I hope you loved it as much as I did and went away with some useful tools that will help and that you can start implementing into your life and business straight away.

If you are happy with the session we have had I would love to hear your feedback!

If you are not happy then please let me know so we can chat about it!

If you're happy to give your feedback then fill in the super short & fun form on the green button here and it will shoot straight to my inbox!


I would really love your feedback!

Name *

Business Name *

Before booking in for an hour of power I was……… *

How were you feeling about the state of your online affairs and your business marketing in general? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Annoyed? Completely lost as to where to start and who to speak with?

I found out about Shelley…. *

How did you find out about me and my services? Facebook post? Through a friend of a friend word of mouth? My logo on the bottom of a site you liked the look of?

And what was the process like to set up our session? *

Was there anything I could have improved on when setting up our session?

We had our session…. *

Insert date here – eg. May 2015

How was your session? *

Did you feel we covered what you needed to in our session? Did you get what you needed to out of our session?

How do you feel about the whole process from start to finish? *

I'm so open to suggestions on improvement if you have any!

How can I improve? *

Is there anything you feel I can make improvements on?

How likely are you to recommend Shelley to others...? *

1 being "never" and 10 being "to every person you meet!"

                                        1                                        2                                        3                                        4                                        5                                        6                                        7                                        8                                        9                                        10                                                       How likely are you to work with Shelley again? *

1 being "never" and 10 being "you want her to do everything marketing related for you moving forward!"

                                        1                                        2                                        3                                        4                                        5                                        6                                        7                                        8                                        9                                        10                                                       

Is it ok with you if I use your feedback as a testimonial in my marketing? *                                        Yes                                        No                                                       

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