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Does working on your website turn you into this person...?

This is not uncommon!

Most entrepreneurs, start-ups and small biz owners think that they are saving money by doing their websites themselves....

Hmmmm, I wonder how many broken computers and lost customers this has led to?!?!?!

The reality of it is that if you don't know what you're doing then it's a big fat waste of your money making time. Perhaps your biz works by charging by the hour..? Think about how much your time is worth actually working on the jobs that create income into your business.

Now think about how much time you have wasted on trying to do your own website!

Your valuable IPA (Income Producing Activity) time down the drain & your website still looks terrible & completely disengaging to your potential clients.

Have you looked at your website through your prospective client / customers eyes? Have you thought about what's in it for them (WIIFT)? I think I might know the answer to that.... I would say that no you haven't. You are focused on YOU & YOUR BUSINESS & I'm really sorry to have to tell you that your potential customers don't care about you. They care about them and what's in it for them.

Did you know that we now have just 3-4 seconds to make an unreal first impression and connection with our browser before they bounce back to Google to check out the 10,000+ results for their search?

Is your site grabbing them, engaging them, connecting with them or have they bounced back to Google in the time it's taken you to read this sentence...?

I think I know the answer to that one for a lot of you business owners.

I'm sorry to tell you that you're losing your browsers with your shit website.

And if you're still using WordPress then it's time to move onto something else... (interesting article on the death of WordPress here)

I see time and time again biz owners who are trying to do their own websites, points for effort but they're not marketers, they're not web designers and most of the time their sites look completely shit.

Don't be one of these people, please, for your customers sake, for your business's sake for the sake of the prettiness & effectiveness of the internet!

Are you guilty of being one of these people....? These simple questions will help you answer that...

  1. Is your website optimised for mobile or tablet size? Inexcusable error and a big massive FAIL with Google if your answer to this is NO.

  2. Do you know EXACTLY (down the the details) who your target market is with your business and your website? Do not say everyone! No, no, no. Be super clear about who you are wanting to attract in your business and guess what, they will start falling from the sky! Why? Because when you are super clear you can then adjust your message to the right market the way your ideal customer needs to be reached. If you don't know or are confused or are trying to market to everyone then your message is diluted and confusing. If you're confused we need to talk.

  3. Do you know what your potential customers "pain points" are when they are looking for your product or service...? This is a big massive FAIL also if the answer is NO. You need to get clear on this ASAP. Once you're clear on this, your website content needs to be written around this. Brainstorm with someone, get some marketing coaching, do what you have to do in order to get the answer to this question crystal clear, everything then falls into place around this.

  4. Are you using images to connect with your browsers? In a world where there are so many options, so much noise and so many distractions, our attention spans are so much shorter. You have such a small window to grab your browsers attention and make them FEEL they need to spend more time on your site or engage with you. A picture tells a thousand words in a split second but not just any old picture, there is a huge skill in knowing the right images to use - see point number 2 again....

  5. Is your potential customer 100% clear on what you want them to do when they are on your site? If you are a little confused with it then your browsers are a lot confused! Confusion leads to inactivity, every single time. Want them to "Read More' or "Click here" or "Buy Now" then tell them to. People love to be lead. They love it just be easy. Make it easy for them to engage and interact with you and your site and they will be coming back for more!

The reality of it is that we as entrepreneurs start our ventures because we have a skill or an idea and we actually have the fire in our belly to forge ahead & make shit happen. We can't possibly be good at everything so stop trying!

There is absolutely no shame in seeking the help of an EXPERT! We’re here to help you do the things you know can be done better than what you’re doing. You'll get a much better end result which is imperative to the success of your business especially with something as important as your website.

So if your answer was NO to one or more of these questions, it's ok. You're human! But seriously, we need to talk asap, so I can help you with a ridiculously good looking & functional website which will be the rock solid foundation to all other marketing you will do for your business. Not costly. Doesn't take months to complete. I don't muck around. And my sites are built with love for your business.

I would so love your feedback on this article! Either leave a comment below or fill in the super short form and I'll get it in my inbox!

Thanks for reading!

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