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So it's time we talked about the power of the "Green Brain"...

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

So what in the world is a Green Brain I hear you ask? The easiest way to explain it….

Red = STOP, green = GO.

We make our decisions based on our "Green Brain" (or the right side of our brains) based on emotions - all decisions we make are based on emotion then at some stage the "Red Brain" (aka the left side of the brain) may kick in and get all logical on us, um buyers remorse anyone...?

Time and time again I work with business owners who are so focussed on themselves and their business when approaching their marketing & website strategies so I wanted to share the "Green Brain" concept with you all so you can make some adjustments on the marketing you are doing for your business.

First off I need to drop a HUGE nugget on you. Your potential customer DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU. OR YOUR BUSINESS. Soz to be the bearer of that news.... But they don't. All they care about it "What's In It For Me" (WIIFM). As soon as someone connects with you or your business their brain goes straight into thinking about how your product or service is of benefit to them. So your marketing needs to reflect this.

Did you know that you have 3 whole SECONDS to engage a new browser to your website? Yep, in this modern age where there is so much noise we all pretty much have the attention span of a gold fish. Sad but true! So you're really wanting to make those 3 seconds count!

What is the best way to make those 3 SECONDS count?

  1. Knowing the pain points of the customers - what is happening with your customer before they come to you / your website? What is their pain point for wanting your product or service? If you can connect with them by highlighting their pain point as the first thing they see you have their attention straight away and they will instantly want to know more about how your product / service can help them.

  2. Create your marketing with your ideal customer in mind - get super clear on who they are, where you would find them and what language you need to speak with them in when you're in front of them. Understanding your consumer well is one of the most powerful things you can do in your business. Remember, it's all about them, all the time.

  3. Use the right IMAGES and language on your marketing - we've already established that we have the attention span of a goldfish so why people are still putting big paragraphs of boring text on their marketing is beyond me! Use eye catching pictures that relate to what you're talking about to get someone's attention to engage and want to know more.

So how do you do all of this? Quite simply by getting to know your ideal customer / client inside out. Who are you looking to attract into your business? Get super clear on this and they will magically start falling from the sky....

WHY? Because your marketing will start to reflect that you're looking to attract a specific type of person. Yes you can still do business with everyone, you're just not looking to attract everyone.

It's like if you had 50,000 customers yet only 5,000 of them are ever going to engage with your product / service.

You could waste money trying to market to the 45,000 people who will never ever do business with you or you could simply focus your energy and marketing budget on just those 5,000 people who will do business with you and LOVE YOU FOREVER.

So if you're trying to attract anyone with a credit card and heartbeat into your business then there is every chance that your marketing message is diluted... so spend some time creating your ideal customer / client profile then check over your marketing message and make sure it's in the right language to attract that type of person, if it's not then you have some work to do...

Know you're making a bunch of mistakes and feeling a little flustered now....?

I can help, drop me a line, I'd love to connect with you and see how I can help you be connecting better with your clients and becoming more successful in your business!

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