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I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

I'm Shelley & I'm an INTUITIVE Green Brain Marketing Specialist & I'm here to help you make sense of marketing your business & help you understand how to ATTRACT your ideal clients.

I specialise in HELPING business owners just like you get their marketing (& business in general!) shit together. I understand the pain you have with marketing your own business & I know how to help you with it.

I pride myself in my ability to intuitively understand you & your business & get to work on helping you really IDENTIFY, CONNECT WITH & ATTRACT your ideal client.

I'm like the built in Marketing Manager you WISH you had in your business!

I understand Marketing & I understand business. I work intuitively & I have an ability to take all that stuff that's rattling around inside your head & put it all back together in bite sized achievable tasks for you to make your way through and tick off one by one.

Basically I help you to break it all down, make a plan & actually get shit done.

So you get somewhere (working ON your business) instead of going round and round in circles (working IN your business). 

And I know all sorts of cool stuff about how to market your business, I love to brainstorm all things marketing, plus I have an incredible network of people to outsource specific tasks to in order to help make your business a success!

You're not just getting Business / Marketing Therapy here! You're INVESTING into your biz so you can learn how to free up your time for those INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES which will increase your profit - the incredible biz tools you'll get along the way & connection you'll feel with someone who understands your biz are a bonus!


Wowee, what a huge few years it's been!

I’m originally from Australia however in Sept 2021 I relocated to Mexico!


It’s warm, has beautiful beaches, friendly people, a beautiful community feel and great food, what’s not to love!

I’d been living in the North West of Spain for 15 months prior to moving to Mexico.

Prior to moving to Spain I had been living on the Gold Coast, Australia and had spent 4 years managing the Online Marketing Department for a Vacation Home Rental and Real Estate company.

And prior to that I had been running my own Web Agency in Melbourne for over 4 years. Crazy busy. Crazy stressful. Something I’d never rush into doing again!

So enough about me, I’d love to hear about you, book in for a free 15 minute phone chat and we can go from there!

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