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Here's some questions to ask yourself to see if you think you need some help....

Does the thought of doing your own marketing fill you with dread…?

Or when you try to do it do you turn into crazy lady above...?


Do you get stuck in overwhelm (aka Perfection Paralysis!) when you start thinking about all the things you should / could be doing to market your business…?


Do you know how to market your business but also know that your time is worth more focusing on other aspects of your business (eg. INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES)…?


Or does just trying to do the most simple tasks make you want to tear your hair out...?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions then I might just be the person you're looking for.

I'm Shelley & I'm an INTUITIVE Green Brain Marketing Specialist & I'm here to help you make sense of marketing your business & help you understand how to ATTRACT your ideal clients.

I specialise in HELPING business owners just like you get their marketing (& business in general!) shit together. I understand the pain you have with marketing your own business & I know how to help you with it.

I pride myself in my ability to intuitively understand you & your business & get to work on helping you really IDENTIFY, CONNECT WITH & ATTRACT your ideal client.

I'm like the built in Marketing Manager you WISH you had in your business!

I work intuitively & I have an ability to take all that stuff that's rattling around inside your head & put it all back together in bite sized achievable tasks for you to make your way through and tick off one by one.

Basically I help you to break it all down, make a plan to actually get shit done.

So you get somewhere (working ON your business) instead of going round and round in circles (working IN your business). 

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