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Save yourself time & money by knowing the best tips on services and how-to!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Tried & tested services & tips for so many things to know when new to PV including:

Best places for yoga, botox, coffee, nails, hair, massage, tarot reading, markets, online shopping, waxing, plant & medicine ceremonies, vets, groceries, bars, chiro, dentist, doctor, , day passes, gym, vegan food, workspaces, vapes, beaches, personal training, gym, crime, markets, transferring money, how to find rentals, local Facebook & WhatsApp groups (with links) to join and more!

"Every single thing you've suggested has been great, you've saved me so much time (and money!) by just pointing me to the best straight away!"


- the newest tenant in my building who's asked me for referrals for everything!

Let me help you save time & money by directing you to the best of PV that I've found by living here full time for over a year!


Life here is amazing I'm not going to lie howeverrrrr it can sometimes be a little challenging (and time consuming) to find your "best of" places for the services that you like to use.


So I've done some of the hard work for you so you can just enjoy not making the same mistakes I have over the last year and save you time and money by trialling the rest until you find your best!​

Enjoy exploring this magical city & drop me a comment on the post to let me know how you enjoyed it & if there's anything you'd suggest I add!​




It's a once off payment of just $200peso ($10USD) for lifetime access PLUS I'm always finding new things around town so I'll be updating it monthly with new things and price changes!


How to access:

1. click on the blog post below

2. on the next page click on the SUBSCRIBE NOW button (promise you're not subscribing to receiving anything other than this one article!)

3. on the next page click GET HOT TIPS button

4. enter your details & payment (& coupon code if you have one)

5. You receive an email to log in and view the tips!

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